Chapter II : We Braved the Foggy North

Franz gave me a call last wednesday night, asking me if i would want to come to baguio during the weekend. i have never been to baguio, and i already missed a lot of opportunities to do so. So without any hesitation, i said yes.

We left for Baguio the night before the 1st of October, the bus trip lasted for 6 hours approximately, and we arrived at Baguio during the dawn of the 1st. the first impression that i got was the eerie feeling and the chill down the spine kind due to the excessive fog and low temperature. Baguio is a lot quieter as compared to manila, the scenery is similar to those i’ve seen in rural america in the movies, or the provincial korea in those tv dramas.

As our cab drove to our hotel, i noticed the beauty of the architectural designs of the houses we passed by. the tall trees embraced by the mist also caught my attention. this exceeded my expectations of the place, and at that precise moment, i was excited to go around the city as soon as the sun comes out.

the Hotel we stayed on was a top a hill, or maybe a mountain. The mist was thicker there, and was moving with the flow of the breeze. the scene kinda reminded me of Silent Hill, a game i played in the playstation way back in college. seeing all these from the balcony of the hotel room, the feeling sunk in. I braved the mist! and at last, i am in Baguio!

the lush terrain outside Hotel Elizabeth. see the fog behind the trees?



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8 responses to “Chapter II : We Braved the Foggy North

  1. Very persuasive. After reading this blog i want to go back to BAGUIO. Thankyou for sharing your experience. Good JOB!

  2. Donna

    I want to go to Baguio! (Yes, I haven’t been there yet. I think it’s a thing with us kids who grew up in the middle east. LOL!) P.S. Jaypee’s so cute! Hahahaha.

  3. @keith thank you! πŸ™‚

    @donna baguio is the opposite of mid east weather! ndi ako pinagpapawisan dun! hahaha

  4. Oh! You didn’t mention the name of the hotel where you guys stayed! Hotel Elizabeth! I urge you to try the vegetarian cafe in the area, actually located inside the hotel itself. The Cafe is called Bliss. Very colorful, Indian, Bohemian and all kinds of eccentric ang feel ng place. πŸ™‚ Plus, the owner, Jim, is a very very friendly guy πŸ˜€

  5. Kakamiss ang baguio! Enjoy much! Pero tricky yung place! hahaha

  6. @Len yeah, i saw that vegetarian resto at the hotel’s bulletin board. want to try it sometime!

    @Mish Baguio has that effect on me too. it only has been three days since i’ve been there, yet i feel that i want to go back. must be the hot weather here in manila

    @jaypee i miss it too! haha the place is very tricky, one might just fall on a staircase or have their raincoat overturned by the gust! one might!

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