Chapter III : The Sudden Squall

My alarm went off at 8AM on the 1st of October. In my excitement, my mind is picturing the things i wanted to do, and the places i wanted to be in. based on the recommendation of a lot of my friends in Manila, I wanted to see the giant dog, the igorots, have my picture taken at mines view and sample dishes that can only be found in Baguio.

Breakfast was served, and rightafter,  the four of us were setting up our cameras in anticipation of the adventure that we going to embark on. But the wind was howling, and water was slamming on the glass door separating the common area of the hotel room to the balcony. The mist was replaced by a strong gust of wind accompanied by the rain. I felt the fear of not being able to go about my plans for the day, I felt that the storm is going to thwart my planned adventure. I felt defeated.

but still, a second plan was formulated, and we found ourselves travelling to SM Baguio for supplies.

SM Baguio – our Armory and Tavern for the Adventure ahead

in this case, we bought new pants, raincoats, and SD Cards for the execution of the plan that we are about to implement. right after Lunch, we bid farewell to our original party, and at that moment, the four of us were determined to implement our plan.

we wore our raincoat equipment, and set out to shoot the nearest landmark that we could find. we were informed that the Baguio Cathedral was nearest our location. i was also informed that this is the largest catholic church in Baguio, no one verified that though, but since this could possibly be the only place that we could visit on this stormy day, i let that information motivate me to brave the storm further. after getting wet and a encounter a lot of mishaps that involves puddle splashes and raincoat malfunction – we reached the cathedral

Baguio Cathedral – i got the impression of a pointed Notre Dame Cathedral in France

Seeing this in the rain made me feel gloomy. the colors would surely be complimented by the sun, i surmised. But seeing it in actuality made me smile. mission accomplished i said. we took our time in taking photos of the church, and after satisfying our lenses, we opted to return to the hotel to get dry and spend the remaining time safe from “Quiel, the Storm”. though a bit disappointed, i was still glad that i experienced the entire rain shoot, because of one fact alone, it can never go wrong when you are with friends!

Hotel Elizabeth – Apes cozying while Quiel unleashes his wrath on the city

Behind Thick Framed Glasses Definition:
Apes – what we call ourselves when the four of us are together . etymology “Planet of the Apes, 2011”
Armory – Equipment vendor – (e.g. Film Shop)
Tavern –  Restaurant, Fast food.

Photo credits:
Jaypee David (view his flickr here)



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8 responses to “Chapter III : The Sudden Squall

  1. Rain + low temperature. You guys are soooo brave!! I love you APES!

  2. i know. i even remember telling the apes that “i dont care whether its storming out there, we paid 400+ pesos to be here, and i dont want to spend the time here in SM” hahaha. fun tlga! thanks mish, the apes love you too! 🙂

  3. Let’s go back here sa summer!!

  4. we must! but we must also put in effect our other plans! haha adventure await apes!

  5. Ang cute ng post na ganito. Baguio became too familiar a place for me perhaps that’s why I don’t find magic and amazement about the place anymore. Oh but please, next time sama ako when you guys go to Baguio. Joey and I will tour you hihihihi ❤

  6. thanks len. haha pero you are right, kasi it all seems too natural for you. haha ako parang kid inside a candy store ang dating sakin e! haha dapat nga, next time!!! be our tour guide please!

  7. This constantly amazes me exactly how Blog writers such as your self can find some time and the commitment to keep on Writing outstanding content your blog is great and one of my personal need to read weblogs, I was more than impressed with the blog post Chapter III : The Sudden Squall Behind the Thick Framed Glasses I simply want to say thanks and also well done Best wishes horny hot

  8. thanks 🙂 glad you liked it!

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