Chapter VI : The Diner from the Past

The cab from Wright did not take that long to the burnham area. after several minutes, the four of us found ourselves wandering towards the agora near Burnham park. We decided to look for blankets, since our friend Jaypee was itching to get his hands on authentic baguio blankets made of fleece. I, on the other hand wanted to procure bonnet headgears, as my ears are starting to get numb due to the low temperature. and my hair was messy too, probably shaken from the mishap at Wright (see Chapter V).

Young ones selling bags to adventurers

Old ones Selling more than Bags

After finishing our restocking and procurement of supplies and homebound gifts, we decided to go to Burnham park. based on my research and interviews, i found out that Burnham park was named after the city planner of Baguio, and the Lake fronting it is actually man made! before actually reaching the lake, we sighted a monument of Igorots, funny how fascinated i am about this particular indigenous group. probably because i expected to see them and interact, yet to my dismay, i never did. 😦

The Igorot Monument

The lake looks really good, it emits this aura of calmness and serenity. The park gave an ambiant feel and invitation to adventurers for slow strolls, photo shoots, sport activities and even family picnics on the grass. Amusement of boat riding was offered to adventurers, and wandering camera men made their presence known by displaying their portraits to adventurers who may have neglected to bring their cameras to the park.

After a series of photo shots, we decided to end our baguio trip by having lunch at a diner we saw two days ago. We backtracked to the area of Wright, Mansion and Hotel Elizabeth to try out the 50s Diner.

it was like spiraling back to the 50-60s era. Of course, my knowledge and comparison are based on how movies portrayed the 50s and 60s. but the feel, the sound and heck, im not sure how i thought possible,the smell gave me the impression of said era. the seats and tables reminded me of the setting in grease, though not at all 50s and 60s but made the experience more authentic. the music were shifting through elvis, nat king cole and i could have sworn i heard a patsy cline once in awhile.

The common thing that was evident in the diner was “Happiness”. All of the patrons seemto be smiling at each other, or laughing their hearts out. i thought maybe the food was really great. the four of us ordered the bestsellers, i ordered the Gangsta, Gangsta along with a Vanilla Ice Cream shake. Justin ordered the same, with a chocolate milk shake to accompany the viand.

Gangsta Gangsta – Combination of Porkchop, Fried Chicken, Chicken Roll and Mixed Vegetables with Rice and topped with a sunny side up Egg. (135 pesos only)

Watermelon shake (50 pesos), Chocolate Milk shake (70 pesos) and Vanilla Milk shake (70 pesos)

Franz and Jaypee both had the Guys on the Hood accompanied by a a watermelon shake.

 Guys on the Hood –  Combination of spaghetti, Fired Chicken, Pizza, a slice of garlic toast, French Fries, and mixed vegetables. (130 pesos only)

we waited for at least 5-7 minutes until our food was served. to our surprise, the servings were indeed intended for big appetite fellows. the food wasn’t bad either, but wasn’t spectacular as well. but what made the experience fun was we, even for an hour, felt that we really were in the 50s. oh, and did i say that the prices are very affordable?

after pigging out at 50s Diner. Franz, for a moment, and this i just felt, had separation anxiety from baguio. He wanted one last stroll around the place, or until he realizes that we all are tired and wanted to be on our way home. after that stroll, we finally agreed to head back to Manila.

my List as of Oct. 3, 2011. Not Bad!

1. View the Mines
2. Seek out the Giant Dog
3. Igorot Ritual
4. Explore the Military Academy
5. Visit the largest Armory and Tavern
6. Seek out the Religious Edifaces
7. Visit the Sanctuary of the Good Shepherd
8. Traverse the Parks of Wright
9. Explore the Lake of Burnham
10. Visit the University way Up.
11. Forge alliance with Igorots
12. Drink the Crimson Concoction
13. Visit the Mansion of the High Head

Baguio, i shall return and finish all my unfinished business! till next time!


—Behind Thick Framed Notes

50s Diner product shots courtesy of Jaypee David



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4 responses to “Chapter VI : The Diner from the Past

  1. Hellooooooooo Francis!

    Coming up with a list for every trip sounds like a great idea. Para sure that you wont miss anything important that you really wanted to experience. Gotta make one din. We’re going to Baguio din after our Sagada trip so I’ll check out those places, esp the 50’s diner. 😀

  2. heloooooooooo Robbie!

    yeah a friend told me to kahit create a mental note of places to visit, or food to try! effective naman. im planning nga rin a sagada trip. pero ang target ko by this month ay vigan, at windmills sa ilocos north! haha 50s diner is great!

    thanks for dropping by 🙂

  3. Zen

    Eat sana kami dyan sa 50’s Diner when we went there last march. Kaya lang lagi madaming tao… Pero masayang gumala sa Baguio. I like it too.. 🙂

  4. kami muntik ng ndi makakain dyan. tight schedule e. hahaha saya nga sa baguio, pero malas ata ako e sa baguio e. haha lahat ng kamalasan nangyari sakin! hahaha pero worth it naman! 🙂

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