Chapter XIII : Adrenaline Rush

It has been a very busy past few weeks for me. my work schedule has gone berserk, and to top that off, my War on Fat has commenced (yet again! – and you heard that right.. the WAR on Fat has recommenced!). to ensure i win this very hard battle, i made it a point to push myself to the limits. to train both in running and in cycling (preparing for duathlons next year!).

last week alone has been stressful in terms of training for the back to back sporting events for the weekend. i started biking solo (yeah, just me and ventus) to condition and make sure my legs are familiar with the pain and stress that comes with cycling. i started biking to work nearly everyday, and biking home as well. (hello devotion!)

Last Saturday, our team (Team Spyder) attended the event of Celebrity runner Bearwin Meily. i joined the race and finished the 10km within my expected time (i guess my training finally paid off!).

The next day, our team (again) was present to participate in the 14th Tour of the Fireflies. a cycling event geared to raise environmental awareness through bi-pedal means of transportation. this was the first time i joined such a well attended event (in terms of participants – the event was boasting about 15k cyclists). i biked from our office in shaw to our area in tiendesitas for the assembly, nearly all of my team mates were already there, and all of us were quite excited with the prospect of dominating some of Manila’s main roads (Tiendesitas -> Marikina via C5 -> Marcos Highway -> Katipunan QC -> UP Diliman -> East Ave. -> Timog -> E Rod -> Gilmore -> San Juan -> Greenhills -> Ortigas Center -> J. Vargas -> Tiendesitas)

Before riding out. notice the awesome Team Spyder tent at the back?

 take a look at some of the many cyclists present during ride day!

Before heading out!

Part of the thrill of this activity was the experience to travel to some parts of the metro without having to worry about super fast vehicles that might kill you. it was also an opportunity to show the country how united and solid the cycling community is. the tour of the firefly is a yearly event! and rest assured, this is the first of so many more tours that i will join!

until next year FIREFLY!

 Flyover from C5 to Marcos Highway

cruisin along marcos highway

 Team Spyder at the finish line

Me and Ventus at the 14th Tour of the Fireflies finish line!


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