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Chapter V : My Encounter with the Steps of Doom!

“4  more items crossed out” I told Myself.

As soon as we were done with the place, Franz led our party towards the sanctuary of the Good Shepherd.

Justin ventures into the Unknown

My sources told me that Good Shepherd is  a Convent. Knowing that info alone destroyed the image that was built in my head because of many of my friends that has gone to Baguio. all the while, i thought that good shepherd was an agora or a banqueta filled with vendors. partly because, they kept telling me to buy all those pasalubong and gifts there.

The Gates of the Sanctuary of Good Shepherd

the Foggy path to the Convent

The fog is thicker as the position of our next destination is higher as compared to every place we have been to. Aside from being a Convent, Good Shepherd produces some of the “Only-in-Baguio” products like Ube Jam, Choco Flakes, Strawberry Jam and the Peanut Brittle.

4. Visit the Sanctuary of the Good Shepherd

the ever famous Ube Jam for 140 pesos ea

After getting provisions and gifts for our family and friends back in Manila, the four of us ventured to the Mansion. Think of it as a summer palace that the monarchs travel to during the extreme high temperature months. While there, I noticed the seal of the current head of the nation fronting the actual mansion. I asked myself, if that has always been the case?

At the Mansion courtyard
13. Visit the Mansion of the High Head

APES at the Mansion grounds

The park of Wright is just across the Mansion. the rain was making an appearance once again, but that didn’t stop us before, why should we let it bother us now, right?

The Quest for the Hundred+ steps of Doom

The Gazebo at the park of Wright

The Slippery Steps of Doom
8. Traverse the Parks of Wright 

Franz kept talking about a hundred steps located somewhere in the park of wright. we searched and sought it out. after a relatively long stroll, we found it. Our objective was to go down. From where we stood, i could see the landscape downhill, i could see horses a hundred steps away. my party went ahead while i tried to take a mental picture of the scenery –  the Lush terrain, the wet colored flowers and the long aged old beaten stone steps. As soon as i was done, i rushed off to catch up to my party. i remembered catching up to Justin and even had the gull to warn him about the steps. “Its a bit tricky, ain’t it?” – slippery to be exact due to the rain. Almost instantly after me uttering “Tricky”, i found myself sliding downwards the steps, butt down. if not for Justin’s quick reflexes, i may have plummeted down 10-15 more steps. i said it before, and ill say it again. Thanks Justin!

Wright Park and the Steeds

After recovering from the fall, and after significantly laughing about it, the four of us set out for our last scenic stop in Baguio. We ventured to the Lakes of Burnham.

— Behind Thick Framed Definitions
Party –  A Band of Heroes joined together by a common purpose/goal/mission
Agora –  Marketplace.

photos without “Francis Romero Photography Signatures” belongs to Jaypee David.



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Chapter IV : We Seek out the Giant Dog and Impersonate Igorots

Waking up to the chill of the air was one of the worst and best feeling that one might get in the early morning. the temperature was frigid enough to turn my toes to solid blocks of ice, yet feeling this air affirmed that my prayer has been answered. the storm has passed! Quiel has moved on and left us in peace.

despite the wounds from our battle the night before, – our fight against tequila and social media embarrassment, we again prepped to set off in our adventure. looking at the mental note that i made prior to the baguio trip, i crossed out several items on the list to see what is left, and what else needs to be done!

1. View the Mines
2. Seek out the Giant Dog
3. Igorot Ritual
4. Explore the Military Academy
5. Visit the largest Armory and Tavern
6. Seek out the Religious Edifaces
7. Visit the Sanctuary of the Good Shepherd
8. Traverse the Parks of Wright
9. Explore the Lake of Burnham
10. Visit the University way Up.
11. Forge alliance with Igorots
12. Drink the Crimson Concoction
13. Visit the Mansion of the High Head

we say goodbye to Elizabeth. such a good host she is!

still quite a handful. im sure with the limited time that my party have right now, we could only go to a few more. So without any more delay, we set forth on our adventure. the rain has not stopped completely, it was drizzling from time to time. However, the mist has already covered most of the roads that our carriage passed through. its just like heading into the unknown, pretty much exciting! our first destination was the Mines. they said, that the scenery here is fantastic, you can sharply see the slope going down the mountain where this destination is situated. my friends, Jaypee, Franz and Justin opted to obtain sustenance by purchasing the famous “Strawberry Taho”. i am not a fan of taho, yet i still tried it out for the sake of discovering why it is talked about by many people. it was too sweet for my taste, but my friends seems to have enjoyed it.

but this already made me cross out item 12 on my list!

12. Drink the Crimson Concoction 

after the sustenance stop over, we proceeded to our trek towards the view of the mines. it was foggy still and the rain was pouring at a faster rate compared to 20 minutes earlier. we sometimes spend time at the mountain side vendors to avoid the pour, and went on as it stopped for a minute or two. a few steps after our last refuge stop, we already sighted  KING – the Giant Dog!  fascinating size yet very hospitable to its visitors and admirers. never did i feel any hostility from it despite its superior size. other adventurers were lining up to capture the moment with King. our party did the same. the handler told us to donate 50 pesos for the Dog’s sustenance in exchange for the audience and photo opportunities.

Apes with King – the Giant Dog

2. Seek out the Giant Dog

Right after, we tried searching for the igorots. the rain was still pouring, and to our dismay, we did not see any. but we had the chance of being Igorots for a small amount of time, think about a very small serving of polyjuice!

 Apes – Igorots
3. Igorot Ritual

After seeking out the Giant Dog and Performing the Igorot Ritual of dressing up, we finally reached the View of the Mines. disappointed, i was, because the fog covered the entire view. but the travel was very much worth it! the rain still hasn’t subsided, we backtracked our steps and proceeded to our next destination. but the experience was really good, i spent less than a hundred pesos just for the memorabilia opportunities. 50 pesos for the Giant Dog, and 40 pesos for the igorot dress up. 10 peso a person/garb rental.

The Foggy view of the Mines

1. View the Mines

Next Stop: The Sanctuary of the Good Shepherd!

— Behind the Thick Framed Glasses notes:

photo credits to Jaypee David : view his Flickr set here


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Chapter II : We Braved the Foggy North

Franz gave me a call last wednesday night, asking me if i would want to come to baguio during the weekend. i have never been to baguio, and i already missed a lot of opportunities to do so. So without any hesitation, i said yes.

We left for Baguio the night before the 1st of October, the bus trip lasted for 6 hours approximately, and we arrived at Baguio during the dawn of the 1st. the first impression that i got was the eerie feeling and the chill down the spine kind due to the excessive fog and low temperature. Baguio is a lot quieter as compared to manila, the scenery is similar to those i’ve seen in rural america in the movies, or the provincial korea in those tv dramas.

As our cab drove to our hotel, i noticed the beauty of the architectural designs of the houses we passed by. the tall trees embraced by the mist also caught my attention. this exceeded my expectations of the place, and at that precise moment, i was excited to go around the city as soon as the sun comes out.

the Hotel we stayed on was a top a hill, or maybe a mountain. The mist was thicker there, and was moving with the flow of the breeze. the scene kinda reminded me of Silent Hill, a game i played in the playstation way back in college. seeing all these from the balcony of the hotel room, the feeling sunk in. I braved the mist! and at last, i am in Baguio!

the lush terrain outside Hotel Elizabeth. see the fog behind the trees?


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