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Chapter XIV : Touchdown Galera

gal header

Rumor has it, that this was a cheap man’s boracay (to be honest, i can not really tell, as i’ve never been to both.), last year, december to be exact, My bestest girl friend Len invited me to accompany them (Vince, Eunice and Gab) to Galera, without hesitation (cause im easy that way), i said yes!

three reasons why i did say yes!
1. i love the beach
2. never been to galera
3. i was with the most awesomest people ever!

remember when we were kids, and our parents brought us to toy stores, candie shops, comic book stores – – have any of you remembered how you moved, acted, spazzed in anticipation? i was all of that on the day that we were supposed to leave for galera. i was very much giddy, to the point that i acted like a little boy holding his very first lego box! haha


but galera was nothing spectacular in my opinion. there was water, sand, structures, stores, visitors – – just an ordinary beach hyped by rumors and stories. but the beach is still the beach for me, in the end, it was us (me and the party) who made this trip extraordinary!

a destination is just a destination (in my opinion), what makes it memorable are the people who were with you at that time!! and being with these clowns, and nerds were all i needed at that time (aside from the sun, and sand, and super clear waters of galera!)

Vince, Me, Gab, and Len

with Len 🙂

with the gang! galera 2012! gab. myself, eunice, moshen, vince, and len

more beach adventures this year guys!! see you soon!



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2012 in Retrospect

this time, no fancy banners shall accompany this flashback entry. 2012 has been really cruel to me (well especially the first half). i started the year wrong, i started it with a notion that i can be happy with an emotion that wasn’t in place (yeah cupid, this shits on you!), i also met the year with a very long fight between people i really care about – and in the end, ended up taking one side when i attempted to stay in the middle the entire time. and ALL of this issues happened in the first couple of months! sad, i know.

but slowly, things were picking up, and i was starting to see something i couldn’t see before, – hope! my birth month always brings me happiness, and that was when i found spyder (or when spyder found me). i started working, taking my mind of things that shouldn’t even be consuming my time in the first place.

First event with Spyder Phils with new office friends!

Spyder not only gave me work, it gave me new friends, new insights, and a brand new outlook towards myself.  It also got me biking, and running, and aiming to be better physically. the opportunity was probably what i needed at that time.

aside from work, this year, despite its flaws, dramas, and trials proved to be worth it because of friends that i met, and those that are constantly there when pickles manifest. i hate dealing with things alone, and true friends always are there whenever you need them. it makes going through all those shit easier because of those clowns i usually call on when i am down, and for that i am truly grateful!

a lot of lesson were learned during the last year, a lot of adventures happened (some of them will be put into writing soon. i promise!), a lot of love was shared (mostly friendship), and a lot of experiences that i can never un-experience (whether i like it or not). all in all, it was a rough year for me, but several people made it easier to traverse the everyday. i feel 2013 is a good year, and i plan to keep it that way! here’s to a great 2013!!


with Rona and Abby, two of my most loved!

Cycling with office mates!

Team London 2015 plus the binder! haha

i was bald, and i played a gay headmaster in a play called “AVSVME : A Very Snape Valentines Musical Extravaganza”

Went to galera for the First time with my Bestest Girl Friend 🙂 Love you forever frond!

became a dad for a day! and a volunteer at the same time!

Helios will always be part of my life!

my 2012 may have been a disaster, but in the end, events like these made it worthwhile!

The Adventure continues! hello 2013!


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Exactly one year ago..

I just noticed that my Blog : BEHIND THE THICK FRAMED GLASSES  has reached one year today! this would be a good opportunity for me to thank people who have been with me during my one year of blog writing (although so slow, and filled with many hiatus moments).

to start,  i would like to thank Franz, Justin and Jaypee for being with me during the first days of my blog.
Len David and Donna Kiritharan for accompanying me in my food trips and many blog rant episodes.
Aris Suarez for my new photo and blog signatures, logos, and my header (which will be done soon! right aris?) and for also being my photographer.

Shot at Caunayan Falls in Baler, by Aris Suarez

Logo digitized and enhanced. thanks again Aris Suarez



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Chapter VII : Somewhere in Laiya

I received a call from Len David on the afternoon of Thursday last week. She was asking for activities that could be incorporated to their teambuilding session scheduled Saturday-Sunday that week. Long story made short, I ended up coming with them and help conduct those activities with her.


Saturday, 25th of August – I departed for Ortigas to rendezvous with Len and her team for the event at batangas. We left as soon as our numbers were complete, and headed for the first stop of our trip. We had our lunch and over all group meet up at KFC, located at Shell along SLEX.


The trip took about 2 hours, cruising along the scenic and historical looking city of Lipa in Batangas. Excitement and eagerness dawned in as soon as our vehicle parked and my feet touched the sand. beach, finallleh!!!


The Resort looks really awesome! the room was spacious and could fit a maximum of 8 people (but i reckon, we can put more than 8 if we so want to!). each room comes with its own private bathroom that looks really neat and well maintained. the common areas looks awesome too. an area is devoted to grilling (upon request, and set up). the strongest wifi signal is found in the cluster of benches near the reception (if i wasnt on the beach, i am found here). An upper floor area solely devoted to videoke and billiards (spacious area for a solid drinking session!).


After checking in, Len and I decided to check the beach. the balconies of the resort acts like little gateways to the paradise that is the beachfront. 30 mins after, we gathered up the troops and started the activities for the day.








over all, this experience has been awesome! of course, even if this was an official work event for most, the experience was something that can be deemed as personal and a venue for dettaching from the everyday grind. of course, i am grateful that i was invited by ispi to be part of this.

— behind thick framed notes
1. all photos by yours truly,

2. comic app used : halftone

3. changed the layout from the original to a comic header and comic edited photos (staying true to my comic book addiction.)


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