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Chapter VIII : I Do Bidoo Bidoo’d and got reunited with a Love from way back!


“..Panalangin ko sa habang buhay.. Makapiling ka, Makasama ka….yan ang Panalangin ko!

I have always been a fan of Apo Hiking Society’s songs (guess i have my dad and tito ranny to thank for that!). i remember singing “panalangin”, “paano”, “awit ng barkada” and other apo songs because of its simplicity and relatability. i have always considered their songs to be the best bad-vibe repellant.

Since i was on the verge of bursting and giving in to the foul mood that greeted me this morning, i decided not to report to work today ( i felt the non-productivity, and still have this throbbing headache from the events last weekend.)

Frown turned Upside down! the only person in the cinema!

I never was a fan of Philippine movies. my cousin would often times tell me to act patriotic and “makabayan” by supporting and watching the local films. i never gave in, because i find it lacking the flavor that i look for in movies. but today, is a milestone in my 25 years of living as i voluntarily, and planned my day around this particular film. i found myself buying the ticket, and was eager to see the film like it was freakin avengers!

The Panalangin instrumental intro already made me stop my current reality and immerse myself to this 2 hour musical marvel. nothing exists at that point, only me and the film in front of me. the film revolved around the typical filipino problems (teen pregnancy, money issues, rich and poor labels and relationships, homosexuality, and of course friendship). and further proving how relatable and “Filipino” apo hiking’s songs are.

Favorite moments:
1. The “Awit ng Barkada” duet sung by Lilibeth (Frencie Dy) and Vicky (Sweet Plantado)for their barkada since their teen years, Rose (Eugene Domingo) who is going through common filipino mother issues.

2. The “Panalangin” duet of Rock (Sam Concepcion) and Tracy (Tippy Dos Santos) while talking on the phone before sleeping.

3. The part when all main casts were singing “Nakapagtataka” while portraying their different issues and problems.

4. The “Paano” by Nick (Gary Valenciano) for Elaine (Zsa Zsa Padilla) in the hacienda setting.

5. The “Kaibigan” song by Brent (Neil Coleta) for Rock, expressing the passion and conviction of friendship and brotherly gay love.


in conclusion (and i have tweeted this earlier), it wasnt even halfway through the movie when i declared it my favorite pinoy film to date. i believe i would watch it again soon!

after the movie, i went back to my favoritest place in greenbelt…


it has been a long time since i have been here. i cant even remember the last time i have ordered my favorite teas here. Ordering them today was the perfect time, one sip immediately extinguished every last ounce of bad vibe within me. plus my friends juni and edsel came to say hi and keep me company.


so overall, the day did started bad (but the mood reversal also works in opposite) and my mood ended up being ok in the end. thanks to all the good vibe outlets available today!



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Chapter I : Mana-Ish, the Arabian Delight

“I miss and long for Arabic Food”. Those words kept popping out of my head like some thought bubble over and over again when my friend donna mentioned this AUTHENTIC Arabic Restaurant located in Buendia. i have been thinking about this restaurant ever since. and i have been building up my expectations based on her testimony of the place.

I grew up in Oman, a country in the middle east. Arabic cuisine has been my definition of Jollibee. ever since i transfered here in the Philippines for college, i have been in the constant search for a good and authentic arabic restaurant that could satisfy my palate, and my hunger for shawarma, falafel, Hummus and other arabic delights that reminds me of the place i grew to love throughout the years. i have not found the place, until two weeks ago, when my friends organized a dinner at this restaurant.

one of the awesomest hummus that i have ever tasted.

Mana-ish and more, a restaurant built around middle eastern authenticity, has given me the pleasure of experiencing and revisiting my second home with just one bite of hummus on a pita. i remember telling donna that i instantly fell in love with the place with just one bite. the place reminded me of my usual hangout places in oman, the ambiance also offered the same kind of experience that i have when i enter the usual arabic restaurant back home. and the food is at par, if not better than the ordinary cuisine that i have had the pleasure of experiencing back home.

for 350 pesos, you and your barkada can enjoy this shawarma masterpiece. i enjoyed this meal more because of the pickles that were included in the platter. rarely do i come across shawarma joints that includes pickles in their serving.

Mana-ish also gives you the authentic feel of an arabic restaurant, complete with the music from the far east, and the photos of celebrities only known to fans of arabic television. the display of shisha was a good touch to the very homy feel that mana-ish gives to its customers.

Mana-Ish from the outside

Shisha and reviews

the food is great, the place is superb and the experience is excellent!

i thank you, mana-ish for the very affordable flight back home. your place is one of a kind! shukran Mana-ish and more!

— Behind thick Framed notes:

1. Shawarma Photo grabbed from Mana-ish and more Facebook Fan Page
2. other photos taken by me, using donna’s camera
3. Visit or call Manaish at the info provided:
#20 Jupiter Street, Brgy. Bel Air
Makati City


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